Glossary – A

Absorption Pit: A pit or trench dug into permeable ground, filled with broken stone, bricks or large granular material, usually covered with earth, where liquid may soak away into the ground. Acid sulphate Soils: Are actual or potential acid sulphate soils, as defined in the “Acid Sulphate Soils Assessment and […]

Glossary – B

Balcony: An external platform usually accessed from an upper floor level. Baluster: One of the vertical pieces of a stair or porch railing. Balustrade: Railing fixed from stair treads, landing, balcony or bridge. BASIX: The Building Sustainability Index which ensures homes are designed to use less potable water and be […]

Glossary – C

C.C ( Construction Certificate): Your green light to commence works. Provided by Council or Private Certifier. Cathedral ceiling:  Where the ceiling is pitched to follow the line of the roof support timbers. These support timbers may be lined or left exposed. Cavity:  The space between the internal and external skin […]

Glossary – D

D.A. (Development Application):  The plans submitted to the relevant municipal Council to seek approval for a development . Usually approved with a number of conditions attached, all of which must be met by the builder and/or the owner. D.A.R:  Dressed all round – timber that has been planed on all […]

Glossary – E

Eaves Gutter: A preformed gutter fixed to the fascia board or the face of rafters Entablature: The part of a structure above a column, including the architrave, frieze and cornice Established Building Line: A building line that is established by map or a de facto building line Expansion Joints: Definite […]

Glossary – F

Facade:  The external face of a structure Fanlight: A semicircular transom window over a door or window Fascia Board: A wide horizontal board, which is fixed to the lower ends of the roof rafters and usually supports the guttering as well as the outside edge of boxed eaves Fascia Gutter: […]

Glossary – G

Gable:  The triangular portion at the top of the end wall of a house formed by continuing the wall up from eaves level to meet the sloping roof profile Gambrel Roof (Dutch Gable): A roof having a small gable near the ridge of a hipped end Glazing:  Generally refers to […]

Glossary – H

Habitable room: Any frequently occupied room of a dwelling other than a bathroom, laundry, toilet, pantry, walk-in wardrobe, corridor, stair, lobby, photographic darkroom, clothes drying room or any other space of a specialized nature which is not occupied frequently or for extended periods of time. Hanging Beam: A beam above […]

Glossary – I

Infill panel:  A panel or section used to fill in an area or space between structural sections, eg. timber panelling, decorative panels, brickwork or metal sheeting. Insulation:  Material placed in the cavity between studs to prevent passage air from indoors to outside and vice versa. Usually fibreglass batts. Generally used […]