Glossary – A

Absorption Pit:
A pit or trench dug into permeable ground, filled with broken stone, bricks or large granular material, usually covered with earth, where liquid may soak away into the ground.

Acid sulphate Soils:
Are actual or potential acid sulphate soils, as defined in the “Acid Sulphate Soils Assessment and Management Guidelines”.

Adjacent Land:
Land that abuts the side of your property or is separated from it by a pathway, driveway, roadway or similar thoroughfare.

Gravel or crushed rock that is used in concrete.

Agricultural Drain: 
A drain constructed with slotted or perforated pipes to collect and discharge ground water.

Ant Capping:
A metal shield usually made of galvanised iron and placed on top of a pier stump or internal brick wall surface. Ant caps extend on all open sides and are turned down at 45 deg, to expose and delay the access of termites to timber members of a building.

Lintel, jambs and mouldings surrounding doorway or window opening

Attached Dwelling:
A dwelling resulting from dual occupancy development attached to another dwelling by a common wall or ceiling where:
Not more that 2 dwellings are erected on the same allotment of land.
The habitable floor area of each dwelling shares a common wall, ceiling or floor.
The area of the common wall, ceiling or floor is not less than half the area of the wall, ceiling or floor on the respective elevations of each dwelling
The dwellings have the appearance of a single building.

Attached Pier: 
A Pier bonded onto or incorporated into a wall structure.

Australian Standard: 
A national standard code or specification prepared under the auspices of Standards Australia (SA). Australian standards are mandatory when referred to in building regulations, and are enforceable in contracts when called up in contract documents.

Authorities Service:
The local authorities controlling electrical supply, water supply, sewer and drainage service, telephone supply and gas supply.

Awning window:
A window usually hinged at the top. The bottom moves out on spiral screw.