Glossary – F

The external face of a structure

A semicircular transom window over a door or window

Fascia Board:
A wide horizontal board, which is fixed to the lower ends of the roof rafters and usually supports the guttering as well as the outside edge of boxed eaves

Fascia Gutter:
A preformed gutter which is fixed to the rafters and also doubles as a fascia

Finger Joining:
A method of joining timbers end to end to form a longer member

Fibrous plaster: 
Gypsum plaster cast in sheets, which is reinforced with sisal or fibreglass fibres

Final account: 
The final statement prepared prior to the handover of completed projects showing all costs incurred, all monies paid and money still owing.

Decorative finish at the top of the gable

A strip of impervious material (such as galvanised iron, lead or aluminium) dressed or fitted to cover a joint or cavity where water would otherwise penetrate.

An uninterrupted series of steps between floors or between a floor and a landing

Floor Boards:
Wooden boards used as flooring and nailed to floor joints, usually tongue and grooved for strength and draught resistance.

Floor Framing:
A structural framework supporting the floor consisting of bearers and joists

Floor Joists:
A member to which the flooring is fixed, usually supported by bearers

Floor space ratio: 
The area of a buildings floor space divided by the area of the site. Many councils use this to determine the overall size of your development.

That part of a construction designed to transfer loads to the foundation, usually constructed of reinforced concrete or masonry units.

The natural or built-up formation of soil, sub-soil or rock upon which a building or structure is supported.

Continuous band of decorative panelling under edge of the veranda or decorative panel around the top of the wall

Full brick construction/ Cavity brick construction:
A method of construction in which external or internal brick walls support the roof and ceiling structure. The external wall is generally made of two brick leaves (or skins) with a cavity between them.