Glossary – G

The triangular portion at the top of the end wall of a house formed by continuing the wall up from eaves level to meet the sloping roof profile

Gambrel Roof (Dutch Gable):
A roof having a small gable near the ridge of a hipped end


Generally refers to the glass in windows or doors. Can also refer to the baked finish on ceramic tiles.

Glazing bar: 
The timber or aluminium bar or strip on windows that divide them into smaller areas eg. Colonial glazing bars. Can be stuck on, clip on or integral to the window.

General purpose outlet, or electrical power point

Gross floor area (GFA):
Generally means the sum of the areas of each floor of a building where the area of each floor is taken to be the area within the outer face of the external enclosing walls.

A workable non-shrink mortar for filling of joints or cracks, eg. in brickwork, wall, floor or roof tiles, concrete etc.

A trade name for plasterboard. A plaster compound contained between sheets of stiff brown paper. Very widely used for internal wall or ceiling lining.

Gypsum plasterboard:
A rigid board made of a core of gypsum plaster set between, and bonded to, outer coverings of heavy paper.