Glossary – H

Habitable room:
Any frequently occupied room of a dwelling other than a bathroom, laundry, toilet, pantry, walk-in wardrobe, corridor, stair, lobby, photographic darkroom, clothes drying room or any other space of a specialized nature which is not occupied frequently or for extended periods of time.

Hanging Beam:
A beam above the ceiling joists, spanning between walls or partitions, to which the ceiling joists are fixed by cleats, straps to prevent any deflection.

Generally include Flooding, Landslip and Bushfire. Building designs need to demonstrate that consideration has been taken into account for the protection of people; the natural environment; infrastructure and assets.

A framing member used over a door or window opening.

Of a building means the distance measured vertically from any point of the building to the natural ground level directly below that point.

A high window below the ceiling, or a window located above the roof of another part of the building, sometimes used to admit light or ventilation to inner rooms in houses or into the rear portion of large rooms.

Hip roof: 
A roof roughly pyramidal in shape, with ends and sides inclined and each surface terminating at an inclined ridge or hip rafter.

House Identification Survey: 
A survey of which a copy goes to the bank and Council to confirm the residence ‘as sited’ complies with Council requirements.

House peg out survey: 
A survey which pegs out precisely where the home is to be sited on the property