Glossary – N

“Nation wide House Energy Rating Scheme”. NatHERS is a computer software simulation tool for rating the thermal performance of houses across Australia . The Energy Management Task Force is responsible for delivering a NatHERS compliance protocol. Any software or paper checklist which passes under this protocol is deemed “NatHERS or equivalent”.

Natural Ground Level:
Is the existing ground level of a site in its undisturbed state before any development is carried out on the property

The bottom or top post of a stair balustrade

A horizontal timber strut fixed between studs or joists in framed construction to provide stiffening

The internal edge of a window sill, or the leading edge of a stair tread.

Notched Joint:
A type of joint formed when splicing together two pieces of timber of equal size

Notice of Practical Completion: 
Notice furnished by the builder to the client to indicate that in the builders view contracted works are now completed.