Glossary – T

A reddish-brown, fired clay often used to make flooring tiles, roof tiles and other decorative ornaments.

One piece garage door. On a metal frame that tilts up in one piece to permit passage. Can be either spring or electric motor operated.

Timber Frame Construction:
Construction in which the structural members are of timber or depend on a timber frame for support

Top Plate:
The timber member at the top of a load bearing wall of masonry or a timber framed wall which carries the ceiling joists and supports the rafters

Transom light: 
A sash or light above a door or window, usually fixed

A horizontal member dividing window or door frame units at the top of the frame

The horizontal part of a stair upon which you step

A structural frame made up wholly of members in tension or compression lying in the same plane for the bridging of long spans and/or the support of superimposed loads. Members are usually arranged in a series of triangles to form a rigid framework.