Deirdre Brigden

Sally has performed the almost impossible design brief of providing for three generations under the one roof. Each area is distinct but seamless and is flexible enough to cohesively cater for many possible life stages in all families. Not only is the design functional, it is also very classy without the price tag.
Sally listened and very quickly grasped the essentials of a long list of wants and needs. She miraculously combined every single one of them in the first draft. Her suggestions were extremely practical and intuitive. I just love the sizes of the rooms especially the kipper’s “floor robes” which she sensibly placed well out of sight.
I found Sally through word of mouth, and I have sung her praises to others who are about to begin the supposed nightmare. I have had a dream run with the design so rest easy, Sally is your design angel.
Well done, Sally! Gran and kippers are very impressed as well.Deirdre Brigden – Mona Vale